A leading edge, robust RFID solution with over 99% accuracy
Proven RFID keg tracking solutions
Optimise the precious investment in your container fleet
Know your asset population inside and out
Pinpoint asset losses and identify loss rate trends
Accurately forecast new container purchases
Compare container availability against forecasted production
Powerfull benefits achieved from partially tagging your fleet thanks to statistical approach

The KegFlow Team


World Market Leader in Stainless Steel Beverage Containers.


A leader in Asset Tracking & Industrial Internet of Things.

How does it work?

KegFlow Technologies


Data Capture Points

Cloud Based Reporting

Main Benefits

  • Improved accuracy of keg planning & availability forecasting
  • Identify, justify and schedule new keg purchases requirements
  • Minimize ongoing capital expenditure
  • Identify and manage fraudulent activity – e.g. keg theft
  • Asset Book Control – population size
  • Optimize Fleet Usage – identify and rectify inefficiency
  • Maintenance Management – minimise trade complaints

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